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Recruiting & Scholarships

Overview & History of College & Professional Players from the Youngstown Class B Baseball League

Approximately 25% to 35% of 18U Players from the Youngstown Class B Baseball League go on to play College baseball at some level. We have had several get drafted into the MLB, as well. Please see our "After Class B" page as we try to list and honor these players as best we can.

Because of the uniqueness and quality of the fields at Bob Cene Park, College scouts can see up to 15 games a day on 3 fields all within walking distance or 30 different teams. Also, because of the many high school games played at Bob Cene Park, the normal Class B season games, the post season Class B games, various other tournaments and the NABF Regionals & World Series, plus the Palomino Zone tournament.....their are a multitude of desirable players here in the Park. Bob Cene Park is very economical and attractive to all scouts. Add into the factor, the Ed Santa Showcase in June of every year. Bob Cene Park is considered a "scout's heaven"!

Scholarships, Grants & Financial Aid Guides

Here are some sites that are available to help with College finances. Also some various Web Pages for College Grants & Scholarships. (On the Class B Web Site, under Documents & Scholarship Forms- - are some of these applications.)


Student Loan

NABF College Scholarship Application

Youngstown Class B Scholarship Application

Pony.Org College Scholarship Application


Ray Wells Memorial Scholarship Fund

College Recruiting Info & Resources

This page is designed to give players, parents and coaches some general information and examples of some resources to help with pursuing playing baseball at the Collegiate level. This page is not all inclusive but rather just a guide with examples to help with your search.

Some Links to College Baseball Program Web Sites

Here are some links to a handful of College Baseball Web SItes.
Usually all College Baseball Web Sites have a "interested recruit" info page that you can fill out that shows that particular Coach your interest in that program.

NEW! Akron University

Youngstown State University


Mercyhurst North East

Allegheny College

Hiram College

Eastern Gateway Community College

Tri-C Community College

NOTE: This list serves as examples and does NOT constitute any affiliation or preference of the Youngstown Class B Baseball League or Bob Cene Park

Recruiting Guide

Understand that there are NCAA Bylaws which govern College Recruiting & Eligibility of an athelete....VERY IMPORTANT!

#1. College coaches CANNOT call or email (contact) anyone who is NOT a high school junior.....BUT, a high school athelete can email any coach in the Country.

#2. Some tips to help a player get noticed by a College:
     a.) make sure that the player has a video-hitting, pitching, fielding, etc.. NO SLOW MOTION
    b.) have current transcripts, ACT & SAT scores and GPA
    c.) go online to the NCAA Eligibity Center and register
    d.) player send a personal email to the baseball coach of the Colleges of interest.....include the above information
    e.) attend a camp of the colleges that interest you
    f.) keep options for all levels of college baseball....JUCO's (junior colleges) today are fantastic academic institutions and have great baseball programs
    g.) do your research on whether the college supports the ciriculum that your are interested in
    h.) understand the costs of going to college your research, tuition, room & board, books & other school supplies
    i.) scholarships, grants, financial aide & student your due diligence by filing out your FASFA early, research & apply for as many scholarships & grants as possible....every college has a Financial Aid office....go talk to someone for help & advise
    j.) you can receive academic scholarship money on top of baseball scholarship money...BUT there are standards such as: top 10% of class, 3.5 GPA, 105 Sum Score ACT or 1200 SAT testing scores..again, all governed by NCAA Bylaws.

    k.) Baseball Scholarships: "Full Rides" are EXTREMELY RARE (less than .05%), Scholarships are limited in the number allowed ( about 27 players) and the value is anywhere between 25% to 43% of the yearly cost on average
    i.) another cost factor: In-State vs. Out-of-State

1.) Academics are the number 1 concern, make sure a college has what you need to succeed academically!
2.) Keep your options open and do your diligence & research about all schools ( graduation rates, majors, academics, number of commits, number of players graduating, COST!)
3.) Apply for all the scholarships & grants that you can....this money does NOT have to be paid back, like a student loan and can lessen the burden of the cost of tuition & other associated costs
4.) Be very REALISTIC of your ability as an athelete and your expectations...Not everyone is a Division I caliber player but one can still possibly play College baseball at another level AND receive a quality education as well. MANY MLB stars went to JUCO's and worked their way up the ranks of Collegiate baseball.
5.) DO NOT expect a College Scout to find you! Send your emails with video and school related information out to as many College coaches as possible. College Athletics have limited resources just like anything else in life. Show them who you are, give them a reason to come and see you. Make their job easier by letting them know of your interest.
6.) BE HONEST in your evaluations of yourself as a player...DO NOT tell them that you throw 90 MPH when in actuality you throw 80 MPH.


At the end of the day, a player can be his best advocate in his quest to play college baseball. Compile your high school academic information, put together a "player profile" with video and reach out to as many colleges as you possibly can. Apply for as many scholarships & grants as you can. Anything is possible with good hard work & diligence. We at the Youngstown Class B League and Bob Cene Park are proud of all the young people who walk through our gates and play on the beautiful fields. We are all here to help nurture the success and growth of ALL!