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About Bob Cene Park

Home of Class B Baseball

Bob Cene Park is named after an Amateur Baseball Icon in the Mahoning Valley, Bob Cene.  Bob Cene was a respected and successful businessman, who had a great love for baseball and helping young men to pursue their dreams.  In 1994, Bob Cene decided to start the construction of a baseball complex right behind the company he owned and operated.  This facility would not only be home for many high school and college programs in the area, but also host a summer and fall league.

Through the efforts of the late Bob Cene, Sr., his sons Paul, Bob, Jr., and business partner, Jim DiBacco, the site of an old coke plant has been transformed into three major league quality baseball diamonds.

Bob Cene, Sr. recognized a gap of playing time for 16 year olds was a problem for young people who sought to continue their sandlot careers.  He had a concept to incorporate a 15 and 16 year-old division and went to the Youngstown Class “B” League and their sponsors and in 1993 started the Little “B” League.  This would serve as a strong feeder for the parent “B” League Sponsor.

The efforts of Youngstown Class B Baseball and Bob Cene Park mirror Bob Cene Sr.’s ultimate goal which was “Give our youth a bat, a ball, and a place to play and they will never go astray.”  Bob Cene Park and YCBB, Inc. are instrumental in giving these boys a place to play.

Our Mission is: To provide premier playing fields and related facilities that promote amateur baseball for young adults ages 14-18.  With support from the community we focus on building important character traits and values that will positively impact their lives, and further provide educational and professional opportunities that can enhance their futures.

Bob Cene, Sr. has been part of and touched so many lives before his passing in 1999. Bob Cene Park and YCBB, Inc. make it possible for Bob’s legacy to live on and fulfill one thing that matter to him, giving the kids a place to play.


Directions to Bob Cene Park


Mailing Address:  65 Main Street, Struthers, Ohio 44471

Physical Address: 16 Bob Cene Way, Struthers, Ohio 44471