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Drafted to the Majors

Class Of: First Name Last Name Pick Team
1980 Andy Timko 78th Baltimore Orioles
1995 Robert Boggs 996th Minnesota Twins
1995 Chuck Crowder 70th Detroit Tigers
1996 Joe Cotton 526th Philadelphia Phillies
1997 Fella Dolby Free Agent Atlanta Braves
2000 Gus Lebovy 22nd Round Montreal Expos
2005 Chad Wagler 552nd San Francisco Giants
2006 Jesse D'Amico 632nd Milwaukee Brewers
2007 Boomer Whiting 850th Washington Nationals
2009 Greg Rohan 650th Chicago Cubs
2010 Patrick Leyland 253rd Detroit Tigers
2010 Dillon Haviland 1437th Pittsburgh Pirates
2011 Steven Gruver 238th Minnesota Twins
2011 Cavan Cohoes 273rd Seattle Mariners
2011 Andrew Turocy 742nd Boston Red Sox
2011 Todd Kibby 1131st Chicago White Sox
2011 Boo Vazquez 1158th Colorado Rockies
2011 Sutton Whiting 1346th Atlanta Braves
2011 Eddie Rohan 1512th New York Mets
2014 Zarley Zalewski 1216th Pittsburgh Pirates
2014 Zac Lowther 74th Baltimore Orioles
2014 JJ Matijevic 75th Houston Astros
2018 Eli Kraus 723rd St. Louis Cardinals